The institution has celebrated its completion of 50 years of its contribution to the society. TAC Alumni has been formed under the able guidance of the past students to retain the glory of the institution. Tagore Arts College (TAC), a premier and legendary Institution in Pondicherry has produced numerous Graduates in various disciplines and most of them are well placed in various fields.

TAC ALUMNI provides a platform to TACians,?faculty members and staff members to interact and enrich themselves with the knowledge. The TAC Alumni will provide the necessary platform for the interaction with the application of latest technologies. It is often said that TACians have been insensitive to the society around them and unaware and not bothered about local problems. Also, there is a general impression among the localites that?TAC students are most of the time abstain from the classes and obstruct the regular sessions. The TAC Alumni will try to channelize the students by helping to motivate themeselves to be self confident, self reliant and respected with dignity from public.

In an effort towards this, the TAC Alumni is planning to conduct capacity building exercises with the past students who had excelled in many areas and now in coveted positions around the world.

In this directon, as a leap forward TAC Alumni is coming out with the launch of this website. All TAC Alumnis are requested to join the hands and strengthen the prestigious institution.

In short we call it "GIVING BACK TO COLLEGE".

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